Today I’m Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving! If this is a day you celebrate, how are you celebrating today? For me, Thanksgiving has always been a special day. More than the food, more than the get togethers, more than anything really, Thanksgiving has always been about reflection. For me the day is a sort of pause, a day where time seems to stop, or at the very least slow. After the activity is done, or sometimes even before it starts, I’ll sit and allow the year to rush by, the thoughts and the memories running through my head like an old movie reel. It’s amazing, I’ll think, how quickly a year passes. And how much life can fit into it.

The memories are never all rosy. Life has ups and downs, and we aren’t always happy. I try not to dwell on the unhappy things, but I do acknowledge them. They’re there, and they are important. I think a lot about the uplifting, the empowering, the personal growth. The way some things have changed. The way some things are still the same. How it’s all ok. There is always a lot of space for personal growth, and there are always new goals to attain. But now is the time when I reflect, more than plan ahead. I don’t think as much about the what is to come. Just the what has been.

After I process the long reel of another year of life, I’m usually left with a feeling of awe, and gratitude. Despite the hardships, I’m grateful I’m still here. I’m happy to be here, in this peaceful house, and be content right now. I’m grateful that you’re here, too. I hope that you have many people and experiences in your life right now that make you happy. I hope that today is a wonderful day for you, and I wish you the best year ever ahead.

Happy Holidays and happy weekend,


2 thoughts on “Today I’m Grateful

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  1. What a lovely up lifting post. It’s great that you took time to look around and see what you are grateful for and not cracking a joke. It’s nice to see that dispite the hardships you can be happy in the peaceful times between.

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    1. Thanks so much Holly, I really appreciate that! After 2020 it feels like this has been another tough year, and for me it helps to sit and think about the good things, and enjoy those moments of rare peace in between the holiday chaos:)

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