Death by New Years Resolution

I saw a decorative sign a few weeks ago in the clearance section of a local craft store. it was gold and sparkly and very cheerful, and read: “New year, new me!” It was most likely a relic of the New Year’s decor section, now long gone for the season. The sign really, truly annoyed me.

I am sure that for many people that sign would be very motivating. It is exciting to feel like you’re making a fresh start in your life, and the new year is a great time to channel some of that energy into a new goal, or a new set of goals. But for me, that sign provoked a wave of anxiety that grew more and more intense until I felt that it was literally clutching at my throat. I left the section in a hurry, not looking back.

The New Year, although now nearly 4 months in the past, is still on my mind. Why you ask, are you so worried about this day that is months in the past? The thing is, I’ve always had a strange relationship with the New Year. On one hand it is a great motivator for pursuing new goals, but oh, the pressure! And as time goes on, that pressure grows. Like a ticking clock, the months go by. It’s January 1, have you started working on your new resolutions yet? Jan 2? How about a week, a month later? Now 4 months later? Eventually I think, why bother at all? Let me just wait until next year, and then I’ll try again with the next New Year’s resolution. And that, in a nutshell, is my long term situation with New Year’s resolutions. I feel as though I’m not alone in this. Most people I know make a resolution, but most, like me, struggle to keep it. As the months tick by and I reflect back on the beginning of the year, I wonder, am I putting too much pressure on myself? Is it realistic to think that simply because the last digit of the year changes, that you yourself should magically have more time, and more motivation to tackle a laundry list of new goals?

The sign from the store definitely annoyed me. The idea of a “New you” at the turn of the year is surely meant to be helpful, but is it really? You’re great the way you are. Working on goals is wonderful, but when the pressure grows to a point that the goal is a totally “new you?” What does that even mean?

When I left the store, I obviously did not buy the sign 😂 However I did buy a beginner crochet set. Because even though a whole new me doesn’t sound like a goal I want to pursue, learning to crochet is (it’s pretty hard for me, no luck so far but I’m trying.)

How about you? Now that we are 4 months into 2023, how do you feel about your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you like making a resolution during New Year’s, or do you prefer to skip this tradition? If you do, do you revisit your goals throughout the year?

Wishing you a great Sunday!


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  1. I haven’t made NY resolutions in several years. I pick one word that speaks to me after I do a bit of journaling and that I can apply to 4 areas: mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

    This years word is Nourish. One word is easy to remember. If I manage to apply Nourish to one area, that’s good. If I cover all 4 areas in a day, that’s great.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post, Winter! Your take on the pressure and anxiety that comes with New Year’s resolutions is very relatable. I think it’s great that you found a new hobby to pursue instead of buying into the idea of a whole new you. My question for you is: have you found any strategies that help you stick to your goals throughout the year, even after the initial motivation of the new year has worn off? Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    mr w

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mr. W! To be honest I struggle with this so much. The new year gives me a huge jolt of motivation to pursue goals, and then when I find myself struggling to meet them I find that the panic sets in and a lot of the excitement goes with it, sadly. Sometimes approaching each day as a new day and trying to reset the next morning helps me to feel more inspired to make another try. It’s so tough isn’t it?!


  3. Back in 2021 I made a bit of a list after not doing so for many years. I think it was a feeling that I wanted to unfurl a little after the main Covid period. It’s led to a reignited love of running and an exploration of my writing skills. It didn’t lead to any languages learnt – not all the resolutions stuck, but it was a good time to re-evaluate a few things. It’s not an annual thing, but that year, the focus of the list, and the deep intention seemed to align.

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    1. That is really nice! I love when events lead us to explore things we otherwise might not have had the opportunity to reconnect with. I admire you on the running, I’m a very poor runner and I wish I enjoyed it!

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      1. I think you have to enjoy doing something otherwise there is no point. Having said that, I used to beat myself up about being a slow plodder, whereas now, while I still come last in things like cross-country, I worry about times less, so l seem to enjoy it more.

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      2. Oh that’s great! The important thing is definitely to enjoy yourself and get some good exercise in nature.

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