The Unwanted Gift

When does a gift cease to be a gift? If the intention is evil, does it still count? 

The box arrived at my door like a bad omen, the outside horribly scuffed and crushed, as though it had been dropped. By the time I noticed it sitting there it had been a couple of hours, at least, since it had been left at my door. I had looked at it with interest, only to recoil back when I saw the name scribbled on the from label. It couldn’t be. Why?

Hours later I had finally worked up the courage to open it, frightened of what could be inside. There was no telling. A smiling Disney princess card had stared back at me. Belle, from Beauty in the Beast. It had a bookmark tucked inside, the bookmark said something cheerful like follow your dreams, or reading is magical. I don’t remember what it said exactly. I barely glanced at it. Inside the box were dozens of pieces of clothing, new and sparkly. Happy. Expensive. Too expensive.

The message in the card didn’t say much. It was friendly. “Hey there. Just sending a little something for your birthday, sorry I’m a little late. We’ll talk soon. I’m sending you some more things in the next couple of weeks.” A heart. 

My birthday was 6 months ago. 

I wanted nothing to do with that box and I put it in my garage, far away from me. Months later It’s still there. When I walk by I look at it and can see the items inside, peeking out. I can see the smiling face of the princess, a princess who fought and vanquished evil, wrapping up her story with a neat pink bow. I want to package it up and send it back. But I’m afraid of the reaction, and I’m afraid to make any contact. Why, I thought, can’t you leave me in peace?

When does a gift change from a gesture of goodwill to one of malice? The things the sender gave me were beautiful, and expensive but the spirit in which she sent them was not. It was undoubtedly a gesture meant to manipulate, not to show caring. I don’t want the things she sent me. I didn’t ask for them. Those things are a poisonous apple, shiny and red and lovely, but with a rotted and dangerous interior. Take a bite at your own peril.

That night when I closed my eyes to sleep I could still see the box, the images of the things she bought me playing through my mind. The last thing I saw before I fell asleep were the eyes of the happy princess and I wondered… How would this story end?

2 thoughts on “The Unwanted Gift

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  1. I never expected to read that, Wow!!
    It already isn’t right that one person knows a gift can be like this, that I and more entirely understand this in our own ways, is extra not right. There shouldn’t be that many people that do such things.
    I felt like I was your shadow in all that & seeing as you saw, wonderful way to convey.

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    1. Thank you so much Dawn!! I’m still so disturbed by that gift, it was so very strange. You’re right, I don’t understand why people can act in such irrational ways 😞

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