Dec 7 ISWG Blog Hop: Writing and the Holidays…Full of Spirit or Exhausted Grinch?

Happy Wednesday! The Insecure Writers’ Group is a group of writers offering motivation and encouragement to all those taking on the challenges of writing. Every month the ISWG sponsors a blog hop where writers can blog about a topic related to overcoming obstacles and exploring various aspects of the writing journey. If you’d like to participate in a future hop you can join here. It’s always a great experience, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in writing and sharing with other writers. Every month there is an optional discussion question, and this month the question is the following:

December 7 Discussion Question: It’s holiday time! Are the holidays a time to catch up or fall behind on writer goals?

This is a great question. I guess I titled my blog post the way I did because I’m kind of…ambivalent about this subject. I like the holidays for the most part. I love the lights, the decorations, the vacation days. I love the stores filled with Christmas and the smell of cinnamon and pine trees. I love the warm blankets, and the plaid sweaters and fires in a fireplace. Who wouldn’t want to write in a time and place like that?

I dislike the pressure to spend money, the events that never end, the obligations to perform and the drama that often comes with all of this. There ends up often being little time for anything else. Sadly that includes writing.

So I guess, in some ways I’m motivated and excited to work on projects, driven by the thrill and wonder of the holidays. On the flip side, I’m also often tired and with very little time or energy to write anything new during this season.

How about you? Does the holiday season fill you with writing cheer or leave you a tired Grinch? Wishing you a happy and inspired writing season ❄️


2 thoughts on “Dec 7 ISWG Blog Hop: Writing and the Holidays…Full of Spirit or Exhausted Grinch?

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    1. I love sunsets too! That’s awesome that you use the holiday season to catch up on writing goals. There is something very inspiring about snow and the winter season.


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