Love and the Evil Fairy Tale Queen

"She's where she always is, staring into that mirror. Would you like to speak to her?" The man escorting me through the hallway leaned over and whispered, his eyes fixed to the woman gazing silently at her reflection in the mirror. I nodded. That's what I had come here for, after all. "Very well." He looked... Continue Reading →

The Isle of Lost Heroes

I walked along the beach, my best friend by my side. The evening was cool and breezy, the water stretching before us seemingly endless. Who would sail through those waters tonight? Where would they go? Overhead the sun was setting, the goldens and reds and purples filling the sky with excitement, readying it for the... Continue Reading →

The Blurry Heroine

I waited by the computer for hours. And by a quarter past three in the morning, I finally started to get mad. She was late. Really late. Angry, I looked at the clock on my computer. Another 30 minutes had passed. Finally, I turned away from the computer. I wasn't going to waste my time... Continue Reading →

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