The Amazing Year of the Ox

Who will you be, 2021? And who will I be, by the time you’re over?

It is a habit of mine, at the beginning of a new year, to sit and think very hard about the next year and who I’ll be by the end of it. It’s become important to me, as integral as changing the year when filling out a form or buying a new planner. And as I think about the new year, my mind wanders back to the year we just left behind.

Whenever I close my eyes and reflect on the past year, words fly through my head. Names, descriptions, successes, challenges, places, things and ideas. Ways I’ve changed. I hope for the better, although unfortunately…not always. The year takes on its own personality, it’s own mood, cementing itself in my memories. And as more years pass and the distance grows, the memories fade but the overall feeling of the year stays. Ahh 2016, that was a year of a lot of hard schoolwork, 2017, that was an adventurous year of traveling, 2020…hmm yeah let’s leave that one out. That can be it’s own series of posts. I start out the year really hopefully, with resolutions and big plans.

I think that’s one reason I enjoy celebrating the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year marks the first new moon on the lunar calendar, which encompasses 12 full lunar cycles. This year the Lunar New Year is on 12 February. For me it’s a second chance at New Year’s resolutions. Another new beginning, another chance to reflect.

Each year on the Chinese zodiac is associated with a sign, a different animal with its own personality and story. This year the sign is the ox, 2021 will therefore be the year of the ox. I like this year’s sign. It’s not the flashiest, nor the most exciting necessarily. The ox is dependable, strong and stalwart, a true friend and loyal family member. After a tumultuous, difficult 2020, the year of the ox sounds like a reliable, friendly type of year. I know I’m looking forward to it and everything it brings. I hope that for all of us this will be a healing year.

When I think about this upcoming year, I’m excited and hopeful. The lunar new year gives me a chance to try again for some of my New Years resolutions (some of which I’ve stuck to, some which aren’t going so well). I love fresh starts, and to me, this certainly feels like one. I hope 2021 brings you good luck and an amazing new beginning to your own journey.

Happy Year of the Ox!

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