To the Most Boring

I can see it  so clearly. Seventh grade, an early afternoon right after lunch. Tired and  ready to go home, 30 students had taken their seats in the last class of the day.  And sitting towards the back of the classroom in a wooden desk, was a 12 year old me. I was excited for... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Answers

It had been a soul-crushing sort of day. The type of day that makes you question why you continue pursuing your dreams...and not only question but totally reject even the thought of getting back up and trying again. The sky opened up as I was walking home and I entered my house drenched. Too tired... Continue Reading →

Bring Me Your Words

I sat on the ground beside her, watching the sun set over the fields. The light here was always golden, a place perpetually bathed in the last sunshine of the day. For hours we  sat, without speaking. When I'd arrived I'd greeted her, quietly. And she'd smiled and nodded. She had seemed happy to see... Continue Reading →

The Isle of Lost Heroes

I walked along the beach, my best friend by my side. The evening was cool and breezy, the water stretching before us seemingly endless. Who would sail through those waters tonight? Where would they go? Overhead the sun was setting, the goldens and reds and purples filling the sky with excitement, readying it for the... Continue Reading →

The Blurry Heroine

I waited by the computer for hours. And by a quarter past three in the morning, I finally started to get mad. She was late. Really late. Angry, I looked at the clock on my computer. Another 30 minutes had passed. Finally, I turned away from the computer. I wasn't going to waste my time... Continue Reading →

The Muse Waits

"I missed you." It was a spring afternoon when I finally went to see her. She sat on a blanket in the sun-dappled field, surrounded by wildflowers and stalks of wheat. She spoke as soon as she saw me. "I really did. I've been here everyday, waiting for you, Winter. But you never showed up." I... Continue Reading →

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